Sunday, August 30, 2015

And they grow

And they grow. Greg, twenty and in third year university. Eric, 19,  in Australia studying and heading to Indonesia to give back. Tanner, graduated. Travelling. Growing and planning. Caden is fourteen. New town. New school. New life.  We've gained one more seventeen year old who moved in and doesn't appear to be planning on leaving.  Welcome to the zoo Brandon. 
The Family

Eric currently fundraising for a trip to Indonesia 

Our girls are big. How does this happen so fast? Baby Grayce is two. The centre of the known universe. Jayde, future conquerer of the world is in grade one and Taya is seven. Sweetly strong willed.

Everything has changed and yet everything is the same. New home. New city. Same family. Same love.

Jayde. This is six

Taya.  Toothless and Seven

The Big Girls

The Big Boys and the Baby



Grayce the Great

Thanks for loving us