Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And the house falls down

Last week I wrote about our home we own in the community we used to live in that is now valued far less than it was when we bought it 13 years ago, and certainly less than what we owe, and how the roof went on it this week and needed replacement and how our hoarder renters gave their notice?  You remember all that? 

Ouch.  Ouch. Ouch.

This week in the home we live in,  our hot water tank started to leak.  This happened the day before our numerous house guests arrived, and the day after  I got out of the hospital. Oh and apparently it was leaking carbon monoxide too.  Immediate replacement required.  In the middle of that, the doc called to inform me that scar tissue from my kidney surgery caused a bowel obstruction - thus the pain and hospitalization -  and that may require surgery again in the future.

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Today I walked in the door after driving some of the kids to school and as I took off my shoes a slow and continual drip.drip.drip rained down on my head.   The boys had left a jug of milk on the kitchen table and in my absence the dogs had knocked it off the table.  It had poured through the ceiling and into the basement.  This was 15 minutes before the house appraiser was due to arrive so that we can renew our mortgage on this house.

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.   

Actually I think I might have said something else repeatedly that cannot be typed.  Or repeated by my 2 year old.   

It is a strange phenomenon when things are really good in some areas, they must be really bad in others? 


Fatcat said...

There was an episode of house last season where a guy believed that. He lost all his money on purpose so his kid would get well. Weird. But my kids are okay and my house is falling apart, and I prefer that.

MariaG said...

Stresssssss! Sorry you're going thru this! Holy Moly! Maria (TDKOL)