Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Look At That Face

I miss my boys. This is the longest I have ever been away from home and my family. Talk about giving up control because not only am I not there to keep a handle on things, I won't be well enough to do anything about it when I get back!
So I know things are a bit different with Shel in charge, but at least Daddy is keeping them safe? I wonder when the last time they had a bath .... look at that dirty face! I am pretty sure the kids are enjoying the temporary lifting of mom's rules and supervision, but I am also pretty sure they are ready for me to get home. Cancer sucks.


Di said...

I am sure that they are missing you too. Try not to think how things are different with Shel in charge - remember he loves them too. They will welcome you home with open arms and tender hugs I am sure. And yes Cancer sucks, big time..but not as much as not dealing with it.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic
that smile, who is behind the mask.