Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home, Again, Maybe

We are back. Filthy, exhausted and re-filled after a week with our Harambee Family. The laundry fills my landing and extends up the stairs. Did you know that when we actually COUNT how many diapers we change a day, we realize that we spend more time diapering infants than we do eating food.

The babies were amazing and I am so thrilled at the massive strides they made on attachment this week, and yet I have many a post filtering through my head on fostering, adoption and attachment as a result.

Camp, as usual, filled every expectation and many more. It could be held anywhere, and we could have the worst weather imaginable, and cost my last penny and I would still go every year because THOSE PEOPLE, they are my FAMILY and I love them and what they mean in my life.

I am home. With internet. And will write, but first I need to go collapse on the couch and take a pill. Holy Cow, I hurt!


Di said...

Glad your home, take your pill and chill, revel in the great time had and enjoy just being home!

Agent EE said...

i can feel the comfort of your couch through your words you're one awesome lady who knows how to blog!