Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Twenty Seven Years of First Days

There are many good things about parenting children in groups.  First, I get a second chance to do everything "right" (or at least better) that I messed up on with the first batch of kids.  Second, the older kids learn alot by having younger siblings and having teens hanging around happy to babysit is also a big bonus.  I am a wiser and less nervous parent this time and much more appreciative of the speed in which parenting happens.  So, that's the good stuff. 

There are also some negatives.

Not the least of which is the realization that by the time my youngest child graduates high school I will have had twenty-seven STRAIGHT years of "First Days" of school.   Yes you read that right.  My oldest started kindergarten in 2000 and my youngest will graduate in 2027.   Coincidentally I was also 27 when my oldest started first grade and I will be 41 when my youngest does.  I will be 39 when my oldest graduates high school and I will be simply O-L-D when my youngest does.  As in, I haven't done the math and am really sure I don't want to. 

Without further whining on my part, here are my children on their respective First Days - Year 11.

This is Greg.  15 and heading into Grade 10.  Also quite possibly his last year at home due to hockey.  No, we aren't going to talk about this because I will cry.  And no, apparently I am not allowed to be his roommate.  And yes, I asked.  By the way this IS smiling for the camera when you are 15.  Remember 14?

This is Eric.  14 and heading into Grade 9.  We have found his niche with the school he attends and he is thriving.  Well at least on day 1.  Ask me again in 6 weeks.   He was far more worried about Rep Hockey Team tryouts than he was his first day of school, which is a very good thing! 

This is Tanner.  Almost 13 and in Grade 8.  From a small elementary school to a high school with over 900 kids, letting this one head off has been HARD on me.  As you can see, he is growing like a weed upwards, but still disappears when he turns sideways.  For perspective - go look at the little boy he was on his first day of grade 7.  TRUST ME the growth in this kid is shocking.

My wee one, Caden is 9 and in grade 4.  A new "guy" teacher this year has him nervous and excited.  He is still my cuddler, my son happy to hug me in front of his friends and usually has a smile on his face.

And not to be out done.  Here are the two that will make me feel old and keep me being young. 

Miss Taya is wearing Big Girl Panties now that are mostly dry.  Mostly.  She is not quite two and a half but thinks she is 15.  Make sure someone checks in on me when she is really fifteen because this one knows what she wants and how she is going to get there, and she keeps up hopping!

By the way that is Annie in the background.  Our completely, totally fine Annie. 
We are SO thankful for sedatives that kept her resting!

Miss Chunk Of Love Jayde is 18 months and demanding to be potty trained along with big sis and mom is demanding she stay in diapers. I already have two dogs and one toddler peeing on my carpet THIS one can wait a while.  And yes, this is the best picture I could get of her this morning.  There are far more interesting things to do than stay still and actually look at the camera!  And see?  She has HAIR in PONY TAILS.  My baby is growing up!

Just think, only sixteen more years to go. 


Andy said...

Fabulous photos, and give yourself a break and stop doing the math!!

Kim said...

Had to laugh at this one. It's my parents' story. I'm 20 years older than my youngest brother, so I just started 1st grade with my two sons the same day their uncle started 6th.

And my parents have been driving to the same school since the Fall of 1982! :)

... said...

That's so cool that you take pictures on each first day of school, I'll have to remember to do that with my own when the time comes!

Annie in the background is so cute! Glad she is better.

Di said...

What a great perspective... loved it. And be thankful that you are able to get photos, my 2 refused, said NO way.. and headed off. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles. P.S. Age is only a number... Old is so overdone let's strive for something new!

Veronica said...

Jeremy was much the same at wanting to be potty trained at 18 months. After two lax a dazy boys in this area....we decided to train all three at once. It worked and I was free from diapers in 4 days!! Sometimes it is good to copy exactly what the older siblings are doing!

Very cute pictures. I noticed that Eric's is not so surley as last year.

Good luck on keeping the oldest home. You sort of get used to them leaving. Tim is on his third year away from home and it is still hard....and he doesn't want his Mom to help him with anything...and he can cook....and he can make his own mistakes! Not sure I like it!


robyncalgary said...

theyre ALL growing so much, but in looking back at last year's back to school pics i notice it the MOST in caden and tanner <3 not such lil guys anymore! same with your lil ladies, cant believe how big your littlest miss has gotten! and congrats to mommy and taya on the potty training! i bet its been different in big and/or small ways, a lil girl vs the 4 boys previously :)

Anonymous said...

You'll be an expert at it all by then!
Older, wiser and still young at heart.

Momma chaos said...

Love the pictures :) Raising in groups like this does work out! When my oldest is starting her senior year of highschool, my youngest (currently, ha!) will be starting kindergarten. ahhhh!!

Agent EE said...

such an amazing and wonderful bunch of kids, love the first day of school pictures, i still remember going to calaway park with you guys and can't believe how big everyone is and how gorgeous your girls are. thanks for sharing that! it made my day.

Jay said...

I’m a recent follower of your blog, and I love it! I featured your blog on mine today in a post spotlighting multicultural/racial family bloggers, as well as to give you a blog award. I’m looking forward to continuing to read your blog in the future!