Tuesday, November 9, 2010

She Worketh

Because life wasn't busy enough or because I temporarily lost my mind.  Or because maybe I was too busy to notice the extra child hanging around, I took a job.

Now for me, this is a perfect job.  I am paid - actual MONEY - to home school a child at home.  A child that goes away and I am not responsible for feeding, clothing or putting to bed.  On the surface this seems like a great scenario.  I can work from home.  I can help a child.  I can feel useful.  I can earn some money to pay for my children's hobbies that are startlingly expensive.

The reality is that it is alot more work than I expected.  Combine a learning resistant child who is at least two or more grade levels behind, a compressed school day which requires we achieve a large amount of work during that most favorite time of the day formerly known as JEN'S COMPUTER TIME but publicly known as Nap Time and I am more stressed out and busier than I thought possible. 

But it is good.  I think.  Maybe? 

I have a million bloggable thoughts swirling around in my head.  On openness, on disappearing biological parents, on trying to maintain a positive yet honest relationship with a biological parent who is actively addicted, on explaining adoption and family to a 2.5 year old, on parenting teenagers, on why people who adopt a special needs toddler shouldn't be surprised when that toddler grows up to be a special needs teenager, myself included.   And on that note how to find and maintain sanity for mothers. 

And I have exactly 4 minutes from the time I finish home school and Jayde wakes up.  Did I mention that time change was just a sad and hopeless excuse for Jayde to sleep less?  LESS.  You don't even want to know.

But I am going to tell you anyways cause I enjoy sharing the pain. 

This is Jayde.  She is 20 months old and a bundle of energy.  Her attention span is 10 seconds.  No, that is not an exaggeration. 

Here is Jayde pretending to take a nap.

Here is what happens when you leave household items unsupervised for 10 seconds. 

How many parents does it take to change a light bulb? 
TWO apparently,

Then there was the time we went to visit a friend in her just purchased not yet move into home.  As she was showing me the two back bedrooms which took a grand total of 40 seconds, Jayde and Taya were playing in the living room.  The living room with the fire place full of ashes.  The living room that I just spent four hours shampooing the carpets to try and get the ash out of. 

And now my time is done.


Artemis said...

I don't think I've ever commented before... maybe once? I only found your blog recently but I look forward to every new post.
This post was worth the wait.
You are going through so much yet you managed to convey it in such a funny way that I had to laugh out loud. I hope that you are able to find some comic relief in all this!

Penelope said...

I feel your pain sista! I thought our 3-yr-old was going to get kicked out of daycare.

Katrina said...

If it makes you feel any better my 3-year-old is still up because she did take a two hour nap today while we were in the car. I tried several times to wake her up because I really wanted to be able to go to bed before midnight tonight. With one hour to go she is still going strong and talking my ear off while I am trying to do my own blog. I finally gave up and decided it was easier to read other people's while she talked than trying to concentrate on my own. I am not sure how you do 2 toddlers. The one I have runs circles around my 3 boys. Thanks for making me laugh again and for helping me feel like I am not alone. Oh, and today while I was trying to homeschool my very dependent high school son, my daughter kept singing the Dora the Explorer song at the top of her lungs trying ot get our attention. If I could send my son to you I would do so.

E said...

All that and a sense of humor and time to share!

stellarparenting.com said...

oh my those are some busy toddlers! double trouble takes on a whole new meaning. Hope you had a good weekend.