Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Featured Article - Adoption Magazine

I suppose if I am too busy, or too distracted, or too shut in, to bother posting myself, it's awfully nice when someone reposts something I have written on my behalf.

My 'adoption world friend' Sharla has started up an online magazine for Canadian adoptive families, although much of what is written would be perfectly applicable for any adoptive parent, there is a definite Canadian touch to many of the articles, and most of the writers.   Please go check out my article and subscribe to the magazine (it's FREE!).

And yes, I was supposed to do this yesterday.  And no, I did not remember.

Life has gotten crazy and I am choosing to ignore that reality online but I will be back.  I promise.

I think they look strangely alike, don't you?


Sharla said...

Thanks Jen!!!

Anonymous said...

That was an amazing article, thanks for writing it. As a birth mother hearing your humanity makes it easier to deal with mine. I mourn that I can't offer more in my relationship with my son than flash, that I miss the day to day grind, the temper tantrums and the mischief. I get the best behaviour boy, the one who's had his nap and is all cleaned up.
I feel horrible that these amazing people are giving my son everything and are still allowing me along for the ride, yet I still feel enormous jealousy every time I see them.
When given the chance to see past my own insecurities to those adoptive parents might have, and to realize they have to overcome those in order for our relationship to thrive, it makes me grateful there are adoptive parents out there like you.
Thank you.

Mountain Momma said...

Thanks for the link to the Adoption Magazine -your article was great. As adoptive parents we have been advocates of openness since first adopting. Recently we have found ourselves on the other end of the spectrum and understand better the feelings of birth parents/foster parents when adoptive parents don`t follow through on openess. Though there are definitely mixed feelings for the adoptive parents, openess is good for the child and helpful in the healing/grieving process for the birth parents or foster family.

Penelope said...

Congrats onbeing featured! Happy Pie-day, I mean, Friday!!! Have a great weekend! It's 90 degrees in Texas!!!

Sara said...

Hi, I am very thnakful I found your blog. I live in small town BC too (or smallish at least). About 6 months ago, or more my life changed. I was thinking about adopting as a single women, when an aquintence of mine mentioned she was pregnant and wanting to give the child up for adoption. Lots of discussions and meetings later, we have become friends and she is due to deliver soon and fully wants me to be the mother.
However, the likely birth father (mother not stating he is for sure the father)had just reentered the picture and right now is expressing wanting to coparent with myself. I am warry of this, but I am interested in setting up an openness agreement and may or may not make is legally binding. Not sure what I feel comfortable with yet, but I have always wanted his full permission and want him and the birth mom, and her other son to be really involved. I found your openness agreement in a past post and found that very helpful - more than anything else so far....if you know of any other sources of information on openness agreements I would love to know of them. Thanks so much for sharing your story.