Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Today, I choose to celebrate myself.

I have been pushed to the very end of my mothering skills this year.  I have hung onto my sanity by a thread, pushed there by parenting complicated kids in complicated times.

But I do not PUT UP with my kids.  I love being their mother.  I love the crazy, the complicated, the fun and and the awful.

This whole mothering thing is not easy.  If you think it is, let us know when you have your first child.

And so today I will let (and in fact encourage) my kids to honor me.  I deserve it.  Right?


Andy said...

I hope you have a WONDEFUL Mother's Day because you do indeed deserve it! And I hope that everyone remembers and does something nice for you.

MariaG said...

Happy Mother's Day Jen!
Maria (Canada)

Di said...

You absoulutely deserve every moment and then some!

Last Mom said...

Your girls are adorable! I also do not "put up" with my daughter. I love her, baggage and all!

Felicia said...

I saw that you commented in Bethany Discussion Forum about the Valere Hope Project. I tried and tried and for the life of me cannot register to leave a comment there and wondered if you would help me.

I am the person in charge of the Valere Hope Project. While I understand that everyone grieves differently, I am afraid that the comment that Claire made about not liking something like this will deter people from participating.
I was asked by Valere's aunt to spread the word in the blogging world. I am confident that in this particular case the family would very much appreciate their daughter's name being memorialized, and knowing that so many people care.