Thursday, June 16, 2011

I guess this means it is summer

Last night hockey finally ended for the season.  We were sad.  We shed tears.  We did NOT riot.

Those that did in no way represent me and my hockey loving kids. Nor my city. Nor my country. Nor my hockey team.

We have been to the beach, dodging rain drops that seem to have never abated this spring.

Two of my kids are still in school until the end of the month, two start their summer holiday today.  Two of the others are just so busy playing in the sand box to care much about school at all.

Things are have been good.  SO good.  I mean still hard and complicated and busy and crazy but good.  Stable.  I am all for stable.  Stable means kids wrestle and it's in FUN not because they are trying to kill each other.

We will travel this summer across the country.  Saskatchewan here I come.  Again. Did I mention 24 hours of driving ONE WAY. I have one more day of paid home schooling.  I think possibly it is one day too many.

Some days I feel like I have nothing left to say.   Others I wish I could share more.  But I am still here.  My kids are still amazing.  And I am beginning to see the light of a fun summer ahead.


Danae Hudson said...

I'm so happy that the light is shining through for you!

Andy said...

I'm jealous of beach time! we had a high of 8 degrees here yesterday!

I hope you enjoy your summer. I got excited that you might be coming my way!!! Saskatchewan is NOT across the country!! It's right next door!

Marcy Payne said...

Wave at us as we drive past you going to the Coast. LOL! We are headed to my hometown in BC in a week and are going to hopefully have good weather...right?

Melissa said...

I just found your blog through Corey @ Watching the Waters.

I am sad that you think Saskatchewan is a cool place to visit :-) But I'm subjected to it 24/7 so I may be biased ;)