Friday, December 12, 2008

The Gifts of the Season

Family is who you make it and today I came home to gifts from two different parts of my family.

The first gifts came to my sons from someone who is part of my "Internet Family". Lisaca sent a huge box of Obama Election items for the boys to share. . This is a part of the history that we followed that my American children being raised as Canadians couldn't have otherwise had. And we are appreciative. Someone I have never met, yet is part of a family I hold dear.
Eric's bedroom wall

And I think we are more than likely --- ok absolutely --- the ONLY family in our town that currently has an Obama sign in our front lawn. More than likely, we are the only family in our province! And yes, thats 12 inches of fresh snow that fell today.

The other member of our family is our dear Uncle Norm. Norm is a friend who worked with Shel many years ago and despite the fact there could have been many things that separated us, there were many more that held us together. Over the years, Norm has been gracious, generous and always so loving to our family. Uncle Norm read Caden's Christmas List on here and today a package arrived in the mail ready to be wrapped and put under the tree. Unexpected, even unnecessary but appreciated! Thanks Uncle Norm, we love you and you are family.


Anonymous said...

Awww how sweet! I love the magic of the season via others thoughtfulness! Ive been telling babe about the Christmas Fairy who helps spread holiday cheer (as babe isnt impressed with Santa)


Vanessa said...

Family is so wonderful to have no matter how they came to be family!!

Anonymous said...

Love the Obama sign. One of my hostesses was visiting the US in October and went to the Obama headquarters for a lawn sign but they were out. Since she was leaving the next day and quite desperate for a sign she 'borrowed' one under the cover of darkness. When everyone here had their local political signs on their lawn she had Obama. LOVE IT!