Wednesday, December 3, 2008

At a loss of words

Seriously I have a GREAT post stewing about my experience at a card store last week and having racism slap me silly across the face. And THEN what happened when I went back the next day. Really, its coming. When I calm down.

And you know, I am almost COMPLETELY ready for Christmas, and if you are on the card list, they are already IN THE MAIL. And that would make a great post, because last year, I completely and totally had zero Spirit and the whole dam season was crap. That would make a great blog post.

And you know my mother? If you see her, could you send her to a shrink. PLEASE. Her life might actually depend on it. And no, I am not exaggerating.

Then there was that Hockey Scout who approached my dad's wife to ask about Greg and said "What is he?". My very smart stepmom replied "A right wing" (that's a hockey position not a political position in our family). Gotta love it when your extended family jumps on the racism aware bandwagon.

But you know ... blech. Its December, its freaking freezing cold and life is crazy busy. You don't care about any of that stuff and I don't feel like writing about it. So instead ... I take the bloggers easy way out and thrill you with some of my favorite old pictures.
Caden. Can you say I got pox?

The Princess and I. Not long before she was gone. I miss her now, at this time of year, so very, very much.

I miss being that Jen. I was happy then. I am changed.

Greg. Back when he wasn't too cool to be goofy.

And the first time I saw my sons' face. Sitting on the edge of the tub, giving baby Tanner a scrub down and my husband walked in with the mail. Our referrals.


Jen said...

I really hate that slap in the face, we have been there and I am sure will be again. Sorry you guy have to hear it, it sucks and its really just not fair. I took some time this week and read your blog, I enjoyed it, and it has helped to read how even as young adults you have kept an open dialouge with Greg and Eric, I hope that my son always feels okay sharing his feelings, that I make sure he knows its okay, anytime. Hope to get to know you and thanks for the comment on my blog :)


Unknown said...

Jen -- you know, being a parent of teenagers IS harder and scarier. But so far (yes I know big talker for a woman whose oldest child is almost 14!) I am REALLY enjoying it. Ok, so not as much as when they were 4,5 and 6 :) but still being able to see a glimpse of who my children are becoming is truly amazing. Our teenager really seems to LIKE us, we still spend LOTS of family time hanging around and giving opportunities to talk.

Anyways, enjoy the little years :) they are SHORT!!! (and thanks for following my blog!)