Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Break

Eric. Currently undefeated!!! Championships tomorrow.

Thank you - to those who I have seen in person this week that read my blog, and mentioned they enjoy it. Really I am always surprised at who reads it, and who enjoys it. To those that emailed or posted comments I say thank you too. I am still taking a break - don't expect to hear from me much until my feet return to my common sense home in a couple weeks, but for now I will share a glimpse of our lives as hockey season wraps up.
We are heading to the tiny coastal community of Powell River so that Greg can participate in our Provincial Championships. 26 years since the last team from our home community made it. To call it a "big deal" minimizes how excited Greg is for it. Eric is also undefeated in a tournament right now and plays in his championship game tomorrow.

Caden enjoying cousin time.

This week for me has been Sister time. Friend time. Cousin time. Family time. Healing time.

Gregory. Napping. Or as he says, "resting up for provincials"

Unexpectedly seeing a sister-friend and sharing the aching hurts of racist attacks on my children with another mother who truly understands the pain of seeing your child hurt simply for the color of their skin. I needed to see Christy, even if she didn't know it, so thanks Christy for the warm hug and the expression of understanding. Your family is amazing and I hope one day to be as sweet, warm and gracious as you are. Score one for the hockey moms!

I feel less raw, or maybe just slightly more exhausted and therefore a bit more nostalgic and without the energy to be quite so angry at the internet world.

My sister took this picture. Apparently I am holding her computer hostage so bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Jen ... how nice to hear from you! (((Hugs))) as you continue with life and take a break from here. 'Nice to hear you a feeling a bit better. That's a great pic of you.

Good luck to the boys with hockey!

Maria (TDKOL)

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the boys!

And hugs Jen, and hugs to G!

Lala's world said...

congrats to the boys for doing so well! that is so cool!
glad you are feeling a little bit better :)

Jen said...

Good luck to your guys!!! I hope they do well. Enjoy the break.