Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weird Wednesday

Well for the second day this week, I have called in sick to care for my sick, sick kids. Caden's fever spiked through the roof yesterday and we ended up spending a long night in the ER so they could get a grasp on what was going on. Final Diagnosis: Wow your kid is really sick with a virus. Go home and let him rest.

Oh goody. Poor kid slept through his birthday, woke up long enough to open some presents and then couldn't stay awake through his birthday dinner.

Next son up the food chain is also still really sick, with one more up recovered and the oldest, biggest and strongest son currently healthy and gloating.

Today I spent hours and hours disinfecting beds and bathrooms and hoping that I am spared from the plague that has taken over my family.

Thursday New Dog arrives on the transport van. Big day in our family.

The day after that, Greg's home hockey tournament begins. In case you do NOT have a child that plays at the Rep Level of hockey you won't know that "home tournament" is a euphamism for "23 hours of required volunteering per family". Oh joy.

It's a busy, busy time.


Robyn Jones said...

Sorry everyone is sick...hope everyone is better soon...we were all sick here too, but it is finally passing.

votemom said...

i hope today you are still feeling healthy, and that the new dog is providing a great distraction for everyone who is still ill.