Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spreadin' The Love

It's crazy here and I will have a houseful for Eric's "Rite Of Passage" party this weekend (our family tradition for our sons' 13th birthday's).

I thought I would share this little bit of love for Love Thursdays

This photo was taken in Powell River, BC back when life was good, and easy and relatively cancer free. That would be 4 weeks ago.

It was, of course, an illusion because It was there, the death, the fear, the pain and the sickness just around the corner.
Somedays I wonder if it wouldn't just be easier to have this, a heart of stone.


Andy said...

very cool picture!

Hang in there. I'm keeping you in my thoughts.

A said...

very cool find. love the picture.

Heather said...

lovely shot. found you via love thursday. sounds like you're still reeling from the news of the kidney cancer. sending some ::love:: your way as you move ahead with treatment and recovery.

Vanessa said...

I think that was God's way of saying He loves you and will continue to do so even through your battle with cancer! Stand on that love He offers and rest assured He's a healing God!! My prayers are with you and I believ you will be healed!! Hugs!

ness said...

Aw Sweetie! You are very much in our hearts, in our thoughts, in our prayers these days with all the challenges life has thrown your way. I agree with Vanessa that God has a way, if even through creation, to show us his love right when we are gunna need it most. Our arms are around you. We love you so much! He loves you ever so much!! xo

Judy said...

Jen -- Even having been there, I don't always know what to say, except that what you're going through is normal. And what you're feeling is normal and OK. I'm not going to tell you to perk up or be happy or any of that. You need to go through some crappy emotional stuff to get through to the other side because let's face it, cancer sucks and is scary and full of unknowns and "what if"s.

I just want you to know that I hear you. I'm listening. And I careI can only speak from my own experience, and everyone's experience is as individual as each person is individual, but the things that helped me the most were: keeping my support system close; keeping some good support people who would just listen close by; prayer, mine and others; and reminding myself on a daily, hourly, and sometimes by the minute basis that I wasn't walking the journey alone, that the Lord was always with me, always with me, through the fear, the anger, the tears, the grief, the sadness, the everything.

You're not alone in this, but I do understand how scary it is.

And I'm here, listening.

With much love,

OAM3 said...

You've got yourself an angel you don't know about... if that stone spoke to you, it may have come from our kids' Nana (ds's f-family g'ma). She collected "hearts of stone" and one day we'll have a rock garden of them in memory of her. I bet she's answering my prayers by watching over you for me and sending you the stone as hope...

Hugs! 4 weeks feels like 4 years.