Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things are Looking Up

Yesterday Jenn had not had a good sleep, she was nauseous. She was puking and they had to pull her off her morphine IV. This meant she was in more pain and stuck back in bed for the most part. Also, her drain wasn't working properly, she said something about her side leaking, I won't go into details. It was hard having her need me there and not being able to, but I felt pulled in so many directions and just had to take a day for my son and I. Thankfully some others were able to be there for her.

By later in the day, after switching her pain medication, she was able to get up and walk around a little. She has had a shower too. She had a great nights sleep and is feeling good this morning. She can get up on her own too.

There is a chance she will get out tomorrow, but we are hoping not until Saturday. She should be feeling much better by then. If there's anything new, I will keep you posted.


Lorraine Fuller said...

Thank you for posting this. Please don't feel guilty, you are an awesome sister. I know Jen totally understands your need to be with your son. Remember that's her precious nephew you are talking about. Remember to also take care of yourself.

Alex said...

Glad to hear she's starting to feel better!!