Thursday, December 3, 2009

Super Mom Reality

Scene 1:

It's lunch time and the three girls and I are getting ready for their nap time. I pick up Miss Precious from her high chair and feel a familiar ooze from her back end. A very wet ooze. We are both now in need of a complete change of clothes. I quickly change Miss Precious, trying to ignore the fact that my sleeve is covered in diaper leakage from my elbow to wrist. I place her on the carpet with a toy and run downstairs to change myself.

I change in the bathroom so that I can wash myself off (yuck) and possibly have an uninterrupted pee (a very rare occurance). Somehow in the middle of washing, changing and going pee, my clean shirt falls in the toilet. THE TOILET.

All 3 girls are now crying, I am on my third shirt of the day, and when I get back upstairs I realize that Tiny has leaked and needs a bath to get the poop out of her elbow creases. Yes. Elbow creases.

Scene 2:

A stench of mould or mildew permeats Miss Curious' bedroom. I come ***this close*** to pulling down drywall to figure out where the water is seeping in. Husband is forced to listen to me gripe and complain over several days that this damage is probably due to the delayed porch repair I had been harassing him to finish.

Then I remember to last week and that load of laundry that sat in the washer for two days before one of the boys moved it over to the drier. And the fact I had asked my husband to change the crib bedding. I change her sheets.

Smell miraculously disappears. Lesson learned.

Scene 3:

Cleaning the bathroom with Tiny and Curious at my feet. As I wash down the counter I hear a splash. Curious is playing IN the toilet water. As I reach down to get her I smack my head on the counter. HARD. I swear, grab Curious Girl and try to scrub off her top layer of skin, while doing this I realize Tiny is now sucking on the toilet bowl base. In a house with 4 boys? This is not advisable. While rinsing her mouth out I hear Precious begin to wail from her crib.

Cleaning my bathroom waits for another day.

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Anonymous said...

Am I wrong for thinking that I am so glad its not me with the 3 babies? I can do one baby at a time, whoowee! You just reminded me of the time my son was 9 months old and I found him splashing in the toilet with used dental floss in his mouth. He was sooo surprised when I scooped him up, cleaned out his mouth really good and bathed him.

Hang in there, super mom :)