Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fight Back

Go watch THIS VIDEO .* Please.

I hate cancer. I hate it with a vengence that makes me weep. I hate what it has tried to take from me, and from my sons. I hate what it has taken from other families. I hate it.

Right now the Canadian Cancer Society has started the Fight Back Campaign that features unrehearsed messages from those touched by cancer. Every single time, no matter where I am, when their commercials comes on the radio I cry. I cry because they have the courage to scream what I want to scream.

I hate you. I hate what you have done to my family. I hate how scared you have made me feel. I hate how you put fear into the eyes of my children. I hate how you have robbed me of peace and taken so much of my time this year. You tried to kill me. You tried to kill my dad. You have made children cry for their mothers who will never tuck them into bed again. You are evil and I hate you.

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miss kitten said...

i lost my sweetheart Fallcon to invasive colon cancer (that had spread to the liver before we caught it) december 25, 2006. five months after he died, i lost a cousin to the same exact cancer.

and while i DO hate cancer, i cannot devote my life to hating. when i do, it turns on me and makes me a hateful angry person that *I* dont want to be around, much less anywone else.

people die. we lose them to all sorts of illness, accidents, and slipping away in their sleep. life ends. we accept that, and love our dear ones anyway, because who knows how long the thread of our life can be? we dont.

so i love my loved ones while they are here, and miss them terribly when they are gone.