Thursday, April 15, 2010

Money Laundering

12 years ago, with the arrival of our first child, we bought our first home and along with our first home we bought our first washer and drier. 

If someone was going to write a manual for life, there should be a section on washers and driers because a BAD washer and drier can really make a woman's life not worth living.   Unless you have a large family you cannot even fathom how much time I spend sorting, moving, loading and unloading those two machines. 

Maybe it was prophetic or maybe dumb luck but "Super Capacity Plus" washer and "Extreme Capacity" drier came home to live with our little family of 3, which is now a family of 8.

About six years ago the drier developed a noisy clang but life was busy and it didn't seem to affect the driers ability to dry clothes, so being who we are, we ignored it.  That clang has gotten louder and louder over the years and slightly more persistant but life is busy and fixing the noisy but working drier was not on our priority list. The washer died a tragic death a couple of years ago and was replaced with one out of the buy and sell, the drier however has continued to clunk along.

It had gotten REALLY loud lately and we realized that it was probably time to replace it.   The new (used) drier arrived yesterday and the old (loud) drier was pushed into the garage where it was going to be picked up later by a teenager stepping out into living on her own and she was convinced that a loud drier was better than no drier. 

Her father decided to take the back off the drier to do any obvious repairs so that his precious daughter didn't burn her house down.  Apparently that is what you are supposed to do if you have the time.  Who knew?

This is what he found ...

What that is is SEVENTY SEVEN DOLLARS in change.  That is 12 years of unchecked pocket "lint".

Do you know what seventy seven dollars worth of change sound like in a drier?  I do.


Anonymous said...


Well. Consider it a charitable contribution to some poor schmuck of a young person. And I'm sure the new dryer will be way more effective and energy efficient and all that.

Corey (who is going to go take the back off her dryer, just in case)

robyn said...

how very canadian of the people to return the change to you <3 lol

Amanda said...

HA! I hope you are planning on using that change to have a nice dinner out with your husband. :)

birthmothertalks said...

That is too funny.

Di said...

HOLLY DOODY! It is sort of like my sister and I running to check the couch every time my dad got up from a nap,which kept us in penny candy most of our elementary school days (hmm, maybe because penny candy was truly PENNY candy). I guess you can not call that "cold hard cash". I will stop now there are all sorts of things rolling around in my head. This made my day. Thanks!

Deb said...

OMG- love it!!!!!