Saturday, May 8, 2010

Daddy's Little Girls

I love my husband.  I have loved my husband for my entire adult life and a chunk of my childhood too.

I love him more today than I thought possible. 

Watching your husband choose to fall in love is a beautiful thing. 
To choose to open his heart and then fall harder than he thought he ever could. 
My tough guy husband is the biggest softie in the world when it comes to his girls.  He is thoroughly and completely wrapped around their little fingers.  
And for his 39th birthday he became a daddy again. 

Happy Birthday Honey.  Thank you for being such an incredible daddy.  Two little girls and one big girl love you very, very much.  And 4 boys think you are pretty awesome too.


Andy said...

Happy Birthday! There are a bunch of crazy internet people who think you are pretty great too!

Amanda said...

You have such a beautiful family! I am so glad that it is now official and forever.

Alyssa said...

They are so beautiful! I love your family! (In a blog reading, non-creepy/stalker type of way.) =)

Amanda said...
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Unknown said...

What great pictures. Those two girls are lucky to have such a gaggle of men who will always look after her. (not to mention you)