Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Earning a Nick Name: Part 2

Miss Tiny was only tiny until she found the right end of a bottle, and then the right end of a spoon and then the right end of whatever she can get her chubby little hand around. 

Jayde is perfectly happy all the time.  Content, easy going, and an absolute goof ball who lives to entertain.  She loves deeply, giggles loudly and sleeps very, very little.

I was her seventh mother.  She didn't make eye contact with me for at least 4 months.  I held, I cooed and finally I sang.  And she would glance.  And then look.  And then stare.  And now she loves.  Oh how she loves.  With her entire entire heart and her chubby thighs she loves. 
And she is loved. 


Anonymous said...

Both girls--gorgeous. They match your beautiful boys in that respect!

Off topic comment: I work for a public school. The school has a filter on the internet. Your blog is blocked. Why? It says hate and bigotry. Those wonderful posts about your kids' struggle on the hockey team did it.

Stupid net nanny.

But your kids are very beautiful! Have fun on your vacation!

miss kitten said...

i keep coming back to the photo of your little darling in the red dress. she looks SO beautiful! showing off those teeth and just looking joyful to the world. :)