Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rest'INg Peace(fully) Annie

She started limping last week.  Favoring her leg, resting more than usual and rejecting Trip's enthusiastic invitations for a game of chase.   I made her rest for the next couple of days and she seemed fine. 

Then Tuesday she quit walking all together.    Laying on her side, whimpering, it was obvious her leg was sore.

It was only ten months ago that you, my readers, raised almost $1500 for her surgery.  Surgery that saved her life and gave her back use of that leg.  I watched in horror as my son's dog, my dog, and really YOUR dog lay in obvious pain from a blown out leg again. 

I made another quick appointment with the Vet.  We sat the kids down and explained the reality.  This was probably "IT". 

We will not do the surgery again.  First, It's not fair to Annie, an enthusiastic Jack Russell to require her to be crated 23.5 hours a day for three months for a repair that doesn't last a year.  Secondly, it is simply too much money.  

Silent tears.  Then loud tears.  Then some wailing.  Hours of  cuddles and bowls of treats. 

They all said goodbye, each in their own way.    There is no more helpless feeling as a mother than watching your teenage son double over in grief that he can not hide or contain, and you know there is no relief for it other than simply walking it through. 

As I held the dog in one arm and hugged him with the other I whispered in his ear the only words of comfort I could manage "She knows how much you love her Eric and that counts alot to a dog".

I loaded Annie into the truck for her final ride and we headed to the Vet.  Shel met me there, skipping out from work,  knowing I would not survive this alone.   

The vet on duty is a fellow hockey mom, and she met my stricken look with kind words.  She knew by reading the notes that this wasn't a good thing and she could tell by my swollen eyes we already had faced that reality.  As she laid Annie's file on the table several printed sheets slid out and off to the side.  I glanced down at the pictures of my children and dogs.  The blog story of Annie printed off by the head vet and attached to her file.

Ahhh right.  I suppose they have google too. 

She probed and palpitated and we waited for the grim news we were sure was coming. 

Except it didn't. 

She thinks with lots of rest there is a CHANCE, however small, that the injury might heal.  She thinks that possibly the surgery repair is torn, but not completely ripped. 

And so Annie, soaked to the bone with salty tears Annie, came home.  If you would like to say a little prayer for a little dog, we would appreciate it.  Eric would appreciate it alot.

8 comments: said...

I have a dear friend with a Jack Russel with a torn ACL that did heal on it's own with time and a lot of TLC, she is good now most of the time and she is 13. May Annie have the same luck.

Jo said...

With tears I took my bullmastiff, Murdock, to the vet for the same thing. Both legs were completely thrashed. I was going fully prepared to say goodbye. Our doc also sent us home, with our beloved beast. Now, six months later the limping and moaning is gone, and Murdock is a happy boy. It does happen, they can get better! Good luck to you!

Di said...

Praying (crying - no surprise there) Glad you shared. Hugs to all.

Kate said...

Well Annie (and Eric) are in our thoughts - you had me bawling my eyes out. Good luck Annie - we're pulling for you!

Patty said...

Oh my, this is sooooooo hard! Hugs to your dear Eric! I, myself, have cried rivers of tears over animals & I so understand. I love his heart & I pray his Annie gets well.

Mz.Elle said...

Awww,that's a bit of a relief. My dog died(in your city,actually. We just moved away a bit over a month ago:) )and it was a sad sad day for our family. I'm happy you get more time with yours! :)

Goodvibes said...

Always thinking of all of you, and right now thinking of Eric. My heart goes out for him. Sending him telepathic good vibes.

Karine said...

Prayers are being said for your dog and for you and your family. Its amazing how one animal can become so much apart of the family. WE are pet lovers too. It is heart breaking when you have to put them down, but I think with all the prayers and support you have your dog will recieve a much needed miracle:) GOOD LUCK! HUGS TO YOU, ERIC and your DOG!!!