Monday, August 30, 2010

Rocket Boy

My son. My little boy. My growing up way too fast child.    My 15 year old crazy makin' hockey player kid spent the week at the WHL's Kelowna Rockets Rookie Camp and had an amazing experience. 8 goals, lots of hits, a couple of shoving matches and many new friends.    A very special thank you to the friends and family and facebook status followers who came out to support him and to sit silently in the stands so that all the scouts weren't annoyed by our rather partisan support. 

The kids and I are off on one last kick at summer.  Waterslides, back to school shopping, tourist attractions and connecting with new and old friends.  This has been a good one!


Holly said...

Sounds fun! :D Wow. 15. That STILL sounds crazy, Jen.

Isn't it great to have that one last "kick" of summer? Enjoy every minute of it! :D

Always thinking of you...

Unknown said...

Blog Reader Michelle ... Thanks for the offer :) But we are in the lower mainland! :)