Monday, August 10, 2009

Things You Forget

You forget how much one year olds love water. And splashing. And watching things float. And seeing what sinks.

You also forget that the toilet bowl is the easiest accessible water at the perfect height for the average 2 foot tall child.

You remember that your 8 year old never remembers to flush. You try to forget biology class.

You forget that pressing buttons is so much fun. You remember that your tv is programmable and forget how to get back the now missing 35 channels.

You forget that taking away anything from a one year old results in back arching, throwing, kicking fits. You remember that all they want is to hug you, the mean mama, because you make them feel better.

You forget the nighttime battles and sleepless nights. You remember the wonder of a toddler throwing herself on you for a full body cuddle, snuggled tight into bed.

You forget the food thrown on the floor off the high chair tray. You remember the delight of a toddler tasting her first popsicle.

You forget the awe of watching a child grow and change before your eyes. You remember that your gigantic sons were that toddler a blink ago.

I remember now. Do you? These memories are precious. Imagine watching those memories of your children through the eyes of another mother.

Pictures may never be enough, but it is something. I realized today I have given 1246 pictures in duplicate to my girls' parents. 1246. Since May. I want them to remember too.


birthmothertalks said...

Your so sweet! I bet the girl's parents just miss them really bad. How do you get anything done with always snapping pictures?

lexismomtoo said...

You are one amazing woman - for so many reasons.

Thanksgivingmom said...

Oh my goodness! I can't imagine seeing 1200+ pictures of Cupcake (well, I don't dare to try to imagine it so I don't think about what I'm missing out on).

What a lovely thing you're doing by providing those pictures. They'll mean more than some will ever know or understand.

Unknown said...

I hope they do ... I give the pictures so that they are inspired to make the changes they need to in order to parent. I am not sure it makes any difference. :(

dinnae said...

loooooved this post jen, awesome! and about your anniversary - even more awesome! halfway there!


Di said...

Pictures are a priceless gift - your time invested with their girls the most valuble. All are blessed you see the big picture! You rock!