Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jen .... Plus SEVEN?

Well, here I was yesterday comforting my little sickie when the phone rang.

It was the social worker, on speaker phone. In my experience THOSE sorts of phone calls are always dangerous.

So. Yeah. I think we will call this one Miss Precious. She is not OUR foster baby, but she has recently come into care with one of the most horrific stories you can imagine. Her foster mom needs daycare so she will come and spend the days with me.

So now, that makes 7.

Greg, 14, hockey player extraordinaire. Mr. Serious.

Eric, 13, limit tester, hockey player. Mr. Smiley.

Tanner, 12, smartie pants, goalie. Mr. Sweetie.

Caden, 8. cuddler, swimmer. Mr. Teaser.

Miss Curious, 17 months. Dare Devil. Stunt Master. Miss Silly.

Miss Tiny, 7 months. Chub-A-Lub. Giggler. Miss Adorable.

And now Miss Precious. 9 months and desperately in need of love and support.

Please, if you pray, PRAY for this baby. She needs it. She has lived through hell.


Di said...

I am thinking that reality TV will be the next to call! Foster Fantasmic..... Your new charge is in the right place, the place to get love and support!

Kristie said...

loving you for what you do and praying for all the little ones (and big ones) in your fold

Alyssa said...

Poor little chicky! I'll be thinking of her.

Abby said...

You go! The more people in your house, the more love.

Veronica said...

praying for Precious and the needs that only God and you can give her.

Regina said...

I think you should ask for one more girl so you've got evens on both sides. :))) Congratulations and thank you for opening your already large heart to another in need. You rock.

One Busy Momma said...

I'm sure the little one will be one loved on baby with you!!!

Hope everyone (especially YOU!) makes the transition smoothly!

Thanksgivingmom said...

Good thing for the new little Miss that you're great at dishing out the love and hugs! Prayers and cyber love going out to her! ♥