Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Plague

Sorry for disappearing ... I got sick.

Then boy #1.

Now boy #2.

That only leaves boys 3 through 4, and Girls #1 and #2.

And no, it's not Swine. Although as a result of the illness my house looks like a pig sty, so maybe I will just call it the swine flu and be done with it.

Promise to be back soon with something more well thought out and written.


Anonymous said...

umm- ok that was weird. i started posting a comment and it suddenly disappeared. so if you get a partial post starting with "argh"... it's from me... who also has children 1&2 sick, esp #2, and hoping that the rest of us pull thru. hope it stops with the 3 of you. have a cup of tea! hugs,cb :)

Jenny said...

Sadly, I know the feeling. Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

'Missed you ... sorry it was due to illness. We've been in the same boat hear. Ds's 4th party had to be moved from last weekend to this weekend ... and just tonight dd is starting with a fever (again) ... "argh" from me too!
Maria (TDKOL)

Unknown said...

Yikes..hope you all feel better soon. It's too bad that maids don't swoop into our houses and clean up after us when we are sick!