Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Toddler Terror & Rasta Dog

I have raised, at least partially, 4 sons.  Boys who everyone told me were the busiest of the child creatures.  "4 boys?  Wow! How do you do it?"  people would ask.  "Oh, it's busy but I love it" I would reply. 

Little did I know that those 4 boys were simply basic training for parenting a toddler girl.  Or at least THIS toddler girl!

Having 3 toddler boys and a newborn baby boy at home was a BREEZE compared to Miss Curious and her counterparts Miss Tiny and Miss Precious.  All 3 babies are now one year old.  Miss Curious is actually 11 and simply trapped in a one year old's body but that is besides the point. 

Either I cursed her or accurately read the future when I named her Miss Curious for the blog's sake.  She is into EVERYTHING. 

Looking back on the boys toddler years I have the few obligatory pictures of  Tanner getting into my lipstick, or the time Greg painted his nails, and Eric was a bit more of a handful hiding food under his bed or eating candy when he wasn't supposed to. 

With Miss Curious, I take a picture a day.  A DAY.  Today (and its only just after lunch time)  she got down a tin of coffee grounds and dumped it onto the kitchen floor to make a sand box.  Then she ate at least a tablespoon or more.  All this while I was putting the two little ones down for a nap.   While I got the babies up from their nap she figured out how to turn the spiggot on my laundry detergent (after getting into a closed door).  Yesterday she emptied a jar of nuttella on herself and her sister.

But the highlight of my week?  The jar of loc'ing wax.  You don't know what that is?  Ahhh let me tell you ... its a beeswax based product that comes in a jar - with a screw top lid.  It is SPECIFICALLY for locing hair into  locs or dreads.  In other words its incredibly sticky stuff and made to NOT come off, of anything.

Back to my story ...

It was playgroup day and the babies were needing changing and packing up into the truck.  When you have 3 kids that need to be put into carseats you realize that it is a PROCESS.  Miss Curious cannot be left outside while I load the non-walking babies as she is a "bolter" (again my first child that lives to run down the road to see the interesting dogs and cars down the block) but I could see her happily playing in the corner of the kitchen with the dog and some random toy.  All was good.  All were safe. 

I loaded the babies and came back to grab my precious almost-two-year-old. 

She was covered.  COVERED in wax.   "Kweeme Mommy?"  she asked.

"Nooooooooooo" I wailed for probably the 47th time that day.

And then I saw the dog. 

Annie would like to know that she isn't overly thrilled with being a Jack Russell with waxed locs.  I would like you to know that loc wax is incredibly difficult to get out of baby hair. 

It is impossible to get out of dog hair.

Three days later, she is covered in dirt and dust that won't come out, Miss Curious has hair that looks like it has been soaked in grease and I think that quite possibly the couch is ruined.

In case you ever wonder, all the things that parenting your first four children teach you is thrown out the window for number five.


Alyssa said...

Ohhh my God!! How the heck are you gonna get that off the dog?!

Gotta love kids!

Deb said...

OH my.

Anonymous said...


It is very, very wrong to laugh at another's misfortune.

But girl. After the day I've had, I *really* needed to howl at your rasta dog. REALLY. So God bless you. And your greasy beast.


robyn said...

i dont know if it would work for this type of wax, but while babysitting twins who got into diaper cream and smearing it EVERYWHERE i found out that dish soap is great for that stuff, because of the degreasing agents in it :) just an idea

miss kitten said...

oh my goodness! i do agree with robyn, though, dish detergent.

dawn dishwashing detergent specifically, since its a proven product to take crude oil off wildlife that has been in an oil spill without harming the animals.

Di said...

So sorry.. but I do have to say I was happy for our chat this morning and had I been there I would have happily helped sweep up the coffee! As for the dog.. time for a summer buzz cut!
Thanks for the story & sharing your life!

Fatcat said...

Girls are different, but I wouldn't say easier!

skirbo said...

Three words: number seven shavedown. Clip off the wax, at least it's spring. It'll grow back.

Praying for your day today.


Mark said...

You're scaring me just when I was going for #5. Now I need to rethink everything.
Funny story by the way. Your Friend, m.

Sharla said...

Oh my! I sympathize! One of our daughters is the same way, it had gotten better as she has gotten older but when she was little, I too had to resort to the picture taking. The picture taking is a good strategy for keeping your sanity because it reminds you that someday you will laugh at it. My daughter was big into cracking eggs into carpets, including other people's carpets. I think the worst was when she and her brother got into honey and corn starch - those things should never be mixed! The funniest was when they dumped half a bottle of olive oil all over. They looked like little body builders all slicked up and then were wailing because they couldn't get up. The floor was covered and they were covered an it was too slippery for them to walk. Their little greasy hand prints were all over the walls showing their efforts to get up! It was hard to clean but sure gave me a laugh!

Maybe you could try putting some dreads or braids in the dog's hair!!!!

kris said...

dawn dishwashing liquid removes just about anything oily or waxy. i know it removes the oil from a dog that has been skunked..maybe not all the smell but at least it gets the oil of the spray out.