Monday, September 20, 2010

Seventeen going on Thirty

I have disappeared into a potty training, hockey mom black hole of hell.  The day after my last post, Shel, my beloved (and helpful) husband left town for the weekend.  A weekend that included 9 hockey games, 2 birthday parties, running the church nursery and a potty training two year old. 

He came home to a wife on the brink of a nervous breakdown.  And the next day my 17 month old decided - in fact demanded - to be potty trained.  In case you wondered potty training a toddler and then potty training a SECOND toddler is not nearly as fun as it sounds.  

The next week is a blur of pee and panties, potties and laundry. Blogging for adult readers seemed an impossible mental feat.

And then Jayde started climbing out of her crib. 


So in the course of one week my BABY.  My seventeen month old INFANT potty trained herself, moved to a bed and gave her mother a nervous breakdown.

Oh and did I mention the 3 teenagers and 2 toddlers, and the thankfully easy tween?  I won't even MENTION the 2 Jack Russells in this post and the case of the fence climbing, neighbour annoying,  escape artist mutt who is supposed to be healing up her leg.

These are my days on an endless repeating tape.  I put the pee soaked laundry on, the girls get into three boxes of Jello powder.  Did you know that turns into a sticky mess when combined with baby tongues and a linoleum floor?  So as I gather the Jello covered dishes and load up the sink.  I turn to wipe up the floor, or answer the phone, or you know go pee MYSELF.

This, or some version like this,  is what I come back to.  Fully clothed IN THE SINK. 

And in between all of that the girls started their Strong Start Pre-School program, the boys started Rep Hockey, Caden and the girls both started gymnastics, there was a Grade 8 parent night, a Sunday School meeting, my mother came for a visit, Greg coached a power skating school and I took 2 babies to the potty ninety seven thousand times.

Life is back in full swing.  I promise to be a better blogger this week. 

If I don't strangle myself with toilet paper first.


One Busy Momma said...

You. Are. My. HERO!

Now...isnt it time for YOU to go out of town??? Alone? ;)

Unknown said...

Lucky for you toilet paper is probably quite INeffective at strangling. You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

You are totally amazing. And as crazy as it probably was, it sounds so wonderful too. What an awesome family you have. :) said...

OMG I so needed that picture her in the sink, I laughed aloud and i so needed to laugh after the morning we had. I am sorry things are so busy but I love that your kids are being kids.

Michelle said...

Jen, You are the most amzing mom! I am juggling 4 of my own and one little guy who visits 5 days a week for 10hrs a day and I am exhausted!How do you keep up? Where is "Jen" time?

Kate said...

You know, I'd love to post this across the damn universe! I recently quit my job to be a stay-at-home-mom, and am getting so much flack over "but really, what do you do all day?" and "you aren't going to work at all - you're doing nothing???". Cheers to you - I love to read about your well-managed chaos, your lovely kids and your amazing family.