Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hmmmm 2011, I think you suck

We had a lovely New Year's Eve Toddler Party.  Yes. Toddler Party.

It ended at 10:20.   This was just fine with the women of the family.

The next day I was admitted to the hospital.  Again.  I am not sure if I have mentioned it on here before but I have been a few times lately with stomach issues.  PAINFUL stomach issues.

And now I am out of the hospital and faced with the daunting reality that food hurts.  Eating food hurts badly enough that I get hospitalized with a large IV and really good medications.

This is not a break.  I have six kids.  It means I come home to a disaster zone.  Its simply easier to stay out of the hospital and quit eating.

Now I LIKE food.  I like to eat food.  I like to smell food.  And although I am not even that overly successful at it, I like to cook food.  If I was one of those "should be shot" Naturally Size Zeros who eats the odd green leaf only to stay alive, maybe this wouldn't bother me.  But it does.

I would write the food list that I am not allowed to eat on here but it would take several pages.  The list I am allowed to eat?

One day, Meat.  Without any sauce, flavor, garlic or onion ESPECIALLY.

Rice.  Plain.  Well maybe a bit of salt.


Broth.  STRAINED broth.  Just to be sure no flavor gets through.

Potatoes and Corn.  Green Beens. Maybe one day when my stomach heals enough.

Exciting isn't it?

By summer I am going to be the grouchiest size 2 around.   Either that or I am taking out a room at the local hospital and asking to keep the IV in.

The real question is a life without chocolate a life worth living?  No coffee?  No diet coke?

*** For those that care, I am on the FODMAPS Diet which specifically addresses people with fructose allergies. I have that in combination with a wheat allergy, and a colon not happy about all the abdominal surgeries in my past and the resulting scar tissue. IT SUCKS.


Andy said...

Oh Jen! It really does SUCK! I hope the diet keeps you pain free and I hope you can find interesting tasty ways to incorporate the diet into your life.

hang in there.

rlvd said...

oh no! that is all so awful! praying for healing NOW! ...at the very least the ability to eat real food SOON!

HollyMarie said...

You poor girl!!!! And I was grumbling about the UTI that graced my New Year. EEK.

Deb said...

Ugh, that does not sound like an easy diet to accomplish especially with kids in the house.
Is there hope that you'll get better and be able to add more to that list of foods?

birthmothertalks said...

Oh Wow. I am sorry that your dealing with all that. How will you ever have enough energy to even get out of bed?

Unknown said...

I just have to figure out what causes me the pain and then hope I can slowly reintroduce foods. Day 3 no coffee. I am warning my kids to take their time coming home from school :)

Unknown said...

Boo hoo...sorry. Um, will it help if I say that I'll eat some chocolate in your honor? Well, probably not much. I hope you heal!

JC said...

What a terrible ordeal, so sorry you have to live with that pain. I have a family that is chock full of members who have Diverticulitis and IBS. I also have a friend who has lived through the horror of Crohn's.

I hope you are able to pinpoint the foods that stress your system quickly, so you can get some relief AND be able to eat a varied diet. Take care of yourself!!! And get those teenagers to clean up after themselves...lol. :)