Friday, December 5, 2008

I really don't know what to say ... so I wrote.

December 5, 2008

Dear President and Board of Fort Saint John Minor Hockey, BC Minor Hockey Executive and all it may concern,

Tonight, December 5th 2009 in Kamloops at the PeeWee AA Rep Hockey Tournament, a player or players on the Fort Saint John team were heard addressing a player on the **** AA PeeWee Team by the term “Nigger”. The child being addressed happens to be African-American and the only visible minority player on **** team. Racist hate speech has no place on the ice at any level and we would like to know that Fort Saint John Minor Hockey and BC Minor hockey considers this to be an extremely serious offense and will be taking immediate action.

As the player being racially attacked also happens to be our son, we demand an immediately inquiry by the association into both the behavior of this particular team and its’ players, as well as Fort Saint John coach who endorsed this sort of behavior from the bench by not preventing it or addressing it when it occurred.

We would like our son to receive a formal apology from the Fort Saint John association and an acknowledgement that verbal attacks of this sort are never acceptable by any player at any time, no matter how intense the game. We would request confirmation that the entire team has received anti-racism education and that the player or players specifically involved in this incident have received appropriate disciplinary action, including immediate suspension.

We anticipate a timely response,

Shelby and Jennifer *** (parents of Eric )

I AM BEYOND ANGRY. A COACH NOT ONLY LET THIS HAPPEN --- HE ENCOUARGED IT BY NOT PREVENTING IT AND ALLOWING HIS PLAYERS TO USE LANGUAGE THAT GOT PROGRESSIVELY WORSE AS THE GAME WENT ON UNTIL IT DESCENDED INTO RASIST HATE MONGERING. There will be hell to pay for the players that did this. BC Minor Hockey says that this results in an immediate suspension and you can bet we will be following up. JERKS.


Jen said...

Oh, wow, I am shocked, I don't even know what to say. I am so sorry Eric had to hear it, that anyone had to hear it and that anyone thought it was acceptable to let it continue and escalate. That is just totally off the chart. I hope they suspend those kids and that the kids and the parents of those children have to attend classes on racism, hate crimes, tolerance and diversity. And quite frankly the coach shouldn't be allowed to coach anymore, he should know that is not acceptable and should have stopped it, that he didn't speaks volumes about him and in my book, he is not fit to coach. I would say I can't believe anyone would say such things but I am all to aware that it happens still, and it makes me so sad. Hope you were able to talk to Eric and that he is doing okay, I know you said he is sensitive and I know if someone had said that to my nephew (who is 12) he would have been extremely upset by it. Hope he is okay and his teammates are okay after having to listen to that.


Heather said...

Wow...I'm speechless. How awful for Eric and for all of you. Good for you for not letting it slide. You'll let us know how they respond?

Andy said...

OMG!! That is awful! How is Eric? and the other boys?

I hope you get a quick and satisfactory reply.

Unknown said...

I will for sure let you know what happens. I think things had deteriorated on the ice to the point that this word blended in with all the other F words and C word (oh my goodness I didnt even know that word existed at 13~) that the use of the N word shocked E but he was already receiving an education. To his credit, he didn't retaliate, was plus 4 on the night and didnt take any penalties - best revenge from his end of things :)

HOWEVER from MY end of things ... I am taking a very practical approach. This sort of behavior has NO PLACE in Canadian society and if I am not part of the solution I am part of the problem. And I am going to make dam sure that this kid and coach think twice before another racist word exits his mouth!

Lala's world said...

holy cow, I can't believe this is still happening! how totally offensive, glad you are not going to roll over and take it...but then you never would :) good on you! can't wait to hear what they do about this!

Anonymous said...

Jen I am so sorry that anyone had to hear the use of that disgusting word, and I am even sorrier that it was directed at your amazing son. Good for you for not just ignoring it! Good for Eric for reacting by playing his best! I hope all of the parents that attended this game have the common sense to stand with you in your fight against such racial, hateful and uncalled for language in our Canadian hockey games! That coach that stood there and listened to HIS team talk like that should be ashamed of himself and his team!

Unknown said...

So far, we have been extremely happy with the response of the province's Minor Hockey executive and the staff of our own Minor Hockey office. Everyone has been horrified and has promised this will be looked into as soon as possible.

And yes, racism is dirty and ugly and awful. And I feel like I need to take a shower after dealing with this all day!

Anonymous said...

this is beyond words... i am so angry with you!
just know i am standing behind you and they better respond- quickly and appropriately!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
Good for you!
I hear terms that are uncomfortable & with teenagers being comfortable using them. I have made it a policy with mine since they were small to explain EXACTLY but age appropriately what words mean. Boy, that can change the way they use them in a hurry. Being in an interracial family as well my boys have heard enough said to them. I get it what you are saying.

Anonymous said...

Jen, I just read this! I am so disgusted that you found yourself in this position - that ERIC found himself in this position!!!

I'm glad to hear that your complaing is being taken seriously, and look forward to another update...preferably one in which the coach is forced to eat his own show after publicly apologizing for his lack of leadership and class.

Anonymous said...

Shoe actually. I wanted him to eat his own shoe :)