Monday, December 8, 2008


Strangely, after yesterday's post about my lack of baking prowess I found my named scratched off the Christmas baking exchange at work.

The organizer, who actually OWNS a craft show she is so crafty, slyly suggested I post links to my blog and hope for some sympathy cookies to come my way and then THANKED ME for not participating this year.

Phooey on her. Burnt cookies, cardboard pie and crumbly brownies are part of my kids' holiday memories and why should those be ruined with GOOD baking? I'll just call my sister for sympathy who is trying to think of how to pass off grocery store cookies tonight as her own seeing as her EASY-NEVER FAIL FUDGE failed to set. I tell you, its genetic and NOT OUR FAULT.


Sandi said...

Awe Jen! I never had to bake for Christmas before because my mom would still do it for me. Now they have moved to Nanaimo and I'm stuck doing it this year. I was in shock when I went to the store to buy the ingredients I needed and it came to over $30 not including the ingredients I already had at home. I could've bought some at the bakery for that price.
But the kids want cookies baked with love; burnt or not. My mom left me a cookie sheet that promises your cookies won't burn. By Golly, it worked. Maybe try that?

Anonymous said...

Jen, I meant to comment yesterday. If you can pour things into a baking pan, you can make Magic Cookie Bars. Just pouring, no mixing!

Use Parchment paper in the pan to make it even easier.

I just posted the recipe on my blog.

Vanessa said...

How rude!! LOL!! It would be niceto get some cookies though!

Creative Tara said...

Hey now, your name was not physically scratched off the list ;) but I really do think you should try for the sympathy cookies- ya never know what could happen with all that Christmas spirit floating around!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so the first time I read this I felt sorry for you... until I went to my first cookie exchange last night. It started well, lots of flowing wine, cookies in cute packages and 9 ladies sitting around a table of the most divine appetizers gabbing and laughing. A great time was had by all. Once home I put my 8 pkgs on the counter and looked at them all day with anticipation... and then the kids and I sampled them after school. Thats when I understood why you, with the lack of cooking gene, were excluded!
Oh boy, I think about 1/2 of the ladies came just so they could bring home some edible cookies for their family this holiday season! Not just 'not great' but 4 kinds the kids refuse to eat after sampling... and if it you put sugar on ants they'd probably eat them!

So, tell the organizer you want to play anyway. Invite a domestic goddess friend over for a few of your fabulous margaritas and have her help you make something simple. Get back on the list, but don't be prepared to bring home anything fabulous BUT go for the drinks, appetizers and a night out that isn't at a hockey rink!