Saturday, April 25, 2009

Life is a Piece of Hamburger Cake (a guestpost by Auntie Jess)

Okay, seriously, I really should just call myself Jessica, but heck, my kids even resort to calling me auntie Jess at times. Well Jenn has been on my case for a long time to write a guest post, so she might be surprised to find this here today. I hope she wont be too mad that I remember her password from many months back.

When Jenn first told me Eric wanted a hamburger cake for his right of passage birthday celebration, my first thought was, how gross! I envisioned a pile of ground beef with onion icing, yuck! Jenn shocked me yesterday when she sent me a photo of Eric's hamburger cake. I tried to tell her it was well worth bragging about, but not sure that she agreed. So I will brag on her behalf, here is my sister's creation, I think it is amazing!

Not a speck of ground beef or onion! Perhaps she has been hiding her culinery prowess from us all this time?

Life is like a piece of hamburger cake, it has many layers and it's not quite what you were expecting, but you can get through it if you have enough people around you. Jenn, we are here for you and thank God for your giving heart. Pass the fork please!

Addition by Jen: Thanks Jess ... The problem is this is a ONE TIME OCCURANCE. Because as I have said HERE and HERE I really have bad, bad luck in the kitchen. What I haven't admitted to anyone else is that this is the Hamburger Cake Part Three ... first one ended up half raw, Part Two ended up upside down in on the kitchen floor. Eventually I got it almost right. PS. Jess has the "power of blog" will also be responsible for updates during my hospital convalescence, which I recently found out will be a bit longer than I anticipated.

Re-Addition by Jess: Thanks for the heads-up about the "power of blog", I had no idea. LOL. Also, you have made my whole point here, that dispite everything going on in your life right now, you are a giver. You have created this for your son, even though you can't eat it yourself and you ended up sweeping up the first couple of cakes. You stood at the front of the line to give a part of yourself away and have saved yourself by doing so. How can I say thank-you for that?

Re-Addition-Addition by Jen: My sister made me cry. Thanks Jessica. I love you and all you are to me. We couldn't get through life right now without each other. You're my sister by fate and my best friend by choice.


Anonymous said...

Love it you gals are a cut above and I mean both of you. You are loved here in the frozen north. In our prayers love John

ness vander beek said...

You guys...I love this so much. It's beautiful! And I agree with John very much. You're a cut above! That cake, Jenn, was amazing. It looked exactly like a burger. haha. I loved it. Absolutely loved it! You make me laugh about the couple that fell on the floor. Makes me feel normal about my kitchen endeavors.
Jess, it was good to hear from you, too. I love it that your kids sometimes call you auntie Jess. haha. Thanks, you gals, for layin' your hearts on the line for us to hear. Beautiful! xoxo

OAM3 said...

OK, I want the secret to the hamburger cake - I thought it was some giant real hamburger that a restaurant offered or something...

How on earth did you make the patties portion? WOW.