Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crawling Backwards

This is the reason my house was so clean. My really, truly wonderful mother in law. Isn't she pretty?

I am thankful for a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with family. Along with my inlaws, my sister, her family and her camera came for a visit and we had a wonderful time. Today, it's snowing and cold and I miss my company already.

The house is still clean, sort of, which is a good thing because this afternoon we meet another new social worker. There are many complaints about being a foster parent in BC, one of the ones I hear the most is the ever revolving door of social workers. We are VERY sad that our old social worker has moved on to a different job, and know we would have never, ever agreed to foster again if it wasn't for the level of trust we had in her as a person, and as a worker.

It's a huge leap of faith for us to move on to a new worker. HUGE. But, for the girls we would do anything, so making coffee and dusting shelves and pasting a smile on my face to make New Worker feel welcome in our home. And trying to juggle naps so that my perfect angels are sleeping through the visit. As I said to her, photos are a much quieter way to meet them!

Miss Tiny graduated today. Yes, I know she is only 6 months old but she is officially no longer delayed and has graduated from physio! IN FACT she is now ahead of most babies her age. The baby that was described as "fragile" is now anything but! Is it bad of me to admit that we laugh hysterically at her as she tries to crawl now but only manages to go backwards? Sort of like life, isn't it?

Annie, the insane, got her stitches out today. The Valium? PLEASE let me use it. If only to stuff in my ears to drown her out. The cone of shame is relegated to the top shelf in the closet and hopefully she will begin to cope better with her confinement now that she doesn't have to wear it. Dr. M's office found my blog. They snickered as Annie, the insane, came into the office today, pulling at the end of her leash. At least they know we don't exaggerate. And maybe if Trippy, the insaner, ever gets that brain transplant, they will give us a cheaper rate! I have a feeling I won't be asked to be in any promotional material for the adoption of Jack Russell Terriers anytime soon.

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