Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Grouchy Patient

Annie isn't very happy when she has to go outside. Actually she isn't very happy at any time right now, but ESPECIALLY when that cold air hits her naked bum. The cast is actually STITCHED into her leg to prevent her from taking it off.

She is spending the vast majority of her days locked in her kennel whining pitifully.

BUT it is all worth it, right?


Sandy said...

Just to warn you my dog ate her cast right off of her leg. Do you have a head cone for Annie?

PWNort64 said...

Did she get to pick her own cast color?

Regina said...

Yes, it is all worth it. Plus it makes for good stories. :)

Just remember you would also be unhappy if your naked bum was outside in the cold though. :)

Unknown said...

Is it possible she chose the cast color to coordinate with her bed? :) I would point out that her bed is ON TOP of a down comforter. That "poor dog" :) is being fed beef slices in gravy, being carried around everywhere and on some pretty strong meds. When I was recovering from surgery Trip was peeing on my head!

llexuus said...

Ahhh - we just recvd your thank-you note (which you did not have to send!) and I LOVE the picture and note from E and Annie. Tell him that Jeff, Lora, and Max are rooting for Annie's quick recovery.