Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Good News. Very Good News. We know that it's not a forever sort of thing, but for now, for today and tomorrow and the next 6 months I will breathe a little easier.


My Miss Tiny has learned to shake her head vehemently while giggling in her baby form of a chronic rebellion. "No! NOOOOOO" insert head shake. She means nothing by it except it gets her copious amounts of attention. This from a baby who already gets copious amounts of attention. We are in TROUBLE with this princess!

My boys walk in the door from school with a quick nod to me they immediately make the rounds of the babies. Miss Precious is now part of that routine. If 13 years from now there are 3 incredibly self centered, certain they are perfect, male attention demanding teenage girls in the neighbourhood, just blame my boys. I am not sure they will ever find a husband who thinks they are quite as amazing in every way as my boys think they are.


Annie has quit howling. This is NOT because I personally cut out her voice box at 3 am one sleepless barking filled night. It is NOT. I promise.


Swine Boy, aka the kid who loves his mask, is FINE. TOTALLY FINE. As in so fine that I would have sent him to school today except for that little issue of being quarantined. Apparently our town has been hit hard. At hockey practice tonight there were 8 kids on the ice. EIGHT. For my American friends that is way less than an entire hockey team.


I have three half written actually interesting posts about adoption, disruption, racism and special needs. Do you think I have the time or inclination to do anything about them? Nope. The babies keep me mind numbingly busy. And when they all nap in the afternoon, I collapse on the couch in a pile of wipes and laundry and ignore blogging.


Jenny said...

WOOT! That's not good news, that's GREAT news!!!! Congratulation, Jen. I bet that is a great load to have off your shoulders

Unknown said...

It sounds like you take all your blessings when and where you can get them...I hope they continue....

Anonymous said...

You're my hero.

Sandy said...

My little Miss H shakes her head YES. I've never had a baby do that before. While doing it she said YUP. Ty practical pushes me aside every morning to be the first in the room in to see the baby. The other 3 adore her as well. She has a whole cast of fans.