Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Drug Dealers Beware

Apparently my reputation as a Hockey Mom-Drug Dealer got out because last night someone decided that I apparently hid my stash in our 1997 Ford Escort. You know, the typical car of very SUCCESSFUL drug dealing mothers.

Apparently the stench of sour milk scared them off, but not before they broke a window, the dome light and smashed the steering column.

The investigating police officer, staring rather ironically at our vehicle, wondered aloud why we were targeted, considering the much nicer vehicles parked in the driveways around us.

I didn't tell her they were probably going for my Advil. Living the life of a dealer is dangerous. I guess I will have to give it up now. Shucks. It was a fun 24 hours.


Anonymous said...

Oh Man! That totally sucks! You definitely DO NOT need this added stress... sick Annie and Trip on those bad guys!
PS you do have a sardonic wit, my dear... very proud of you! :)CB

Di said...

Do you ever just sit at home and rock back and forth in the corner.. Geesh - like you needed that. But let me tell you that if you have T'3s around they have a higher street value than advil. Just saying incase you want to replace the car!

Anonymous said...

Um....are the cops gonna fix your car? Or the person who made the accusation?

You need your car to be in good shape due to needing it to transport your children to their events.