Monday, November 2, 2009

Messing Around

For those that like change, enjoy.

For those that don't, I am sorry but the previous blog format had GLITCHES. Glitches that affected paragraph formatting every time I uploaded a picture.

And I have pictures. What I don't have is time to mess around with formatting. So you ended up with paragraphs with no spaces, or 13 spaces between each paragraph and overall it was generally annoying.

I know everyone that reads on google reader has no idea what I am talking about, but if you want to check out the new 2009 upside down picture of my sons, read at the actual blog.

Thanks for putting up with me messing around. If anyone has any ideas on how to have a BETTER blog, I would love to hear them.


Unknown said...

It's all good...I am surprised you have time to blog...but am grateful that you do!

PWNort64 said...

I find it much easier to work with the pictures but uploading them to a online storage location (photobucket)and then using HTML coding for embedding them into my blog posts. While it sounds very technical, it is very easy and makes formatting around them MUCH easier.

Anonymous said...

I just reformatted my blog also. Either you copied me, or we're really seriously on the same wave length :)
Problem is, the new theme won't allow me to post my blogroll of other blogs I I gotta work on that.

birthmothertalks said...

I am not good at putting pictures on my blog either. I know how to do it, but I can't tell a story and put the pictures where I want them.