Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Only Here ...

Only I could get a "Repetitive Strain Injury" from changing too many diapers. Yes that whining you hear is me complaining about my sore wrist.

Only in my world could we go out leaving a finished Gingerbread House on the kitchen table, and come home to two very full dogs and a few crumbs.

Only my 19 month old can cause the spontaneous disappearance of numerous socks, cups, phones, cameras and 4 pairs of shoes. If you know where she is hiding everything, could you please let me know?

Only in my world could my furnace decide to retire (or take a holiday at least) during a week of minus (YES MINUS) twenty degree weather (that's like -10 F for my American friends).

Only my husband would take a 15 day course that involves massive studying and think he could still work 50 hours a week on top of it, and not only succeed but excel. Of course I am exhausted and a wreck, but heh! HE PASSED!

Only my babies seem to lack the capacity to actually keep their poop INSIDE their diapers. 3 babies times three changes of clothes a day times a mom/babysitter with a sore wrist means a pile of laundry that reaches the ceiling.

Only my son would "clean up his room" by stuffing all his laundry in the dog kennel, close the door and hope I not notice. And I didn't. For weeks.

Only I would consider it "Christmas Baking" with the kids because I squeezed some premade dough from a tube and baked it myself. Only half of them burnt but all of them got iced, and that was the funnest part anyways.

Only my toddler would be found drinking from the toilet while I was hosting a dinner for a class of Chilcotin People from her extended family and reserve. Yes. Really. Drinking FROM THE TOILET. At least she used a glass to scoop the water and could say the word for "cup" in Chilcotin while doing it? No, they didn't buy that sales pitch either.

And mostly, incredibly, only my dad, the strongest man I know, would be able to fight the unbeatable and kick it to the curb. We got the all clear today for surgery that could, God willing, be life saving. Please pray.


Sandy said...

You can add my Miss Beautiful to your list of babies who can't keep their poop in the diaper. Love the drinking out of the toilet part. My eldest son will still tell me he doesn't have homework when I ask... I AM his TEACHER. BIG families are great aren't they! Excellent news on your Dad:0)

Anonymous said...

I think I know why the poop comes out. Some kids pass gas so hard poop just shoots out through the air bubble formed and out the diaper. I once changed a diaper after bathing a baby, washed my hands, sat down to watch Fame on DVD to give him a bottle and all of a sudden I felt something wet in my lap.... LOL

Maybe its time for different brand or size of diapers?


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, I wondered why there are extra shoes in my mudroom! :-)
Hiding clothes in the dog kennel is genius!
And many good thoughts for your dad...

Andy said...

These things only happen to you because only you are amazing enough to undertake it all!

I love the toilet story! so will she one day.

Anonymous said...

One day, a long time from now, you will look back and laugh!

Di said...

Only you can make me laugh, cry, and shout for Joy in one post. Brilliant on the clothes in the dog kennel..but what happend to the dogs that were supposed to be in the kennels? So glad to hear that your dad had some good news, continuing to pray for the BEST news there very soon!

rachel said...

Only in my world would one foster toddler drink a urine sample from another foster toddler. Yes! It is true!! I was catching it at home because he would not pee at the doctors. I set it on the counter for an instant while I helped him with his clothes, and the toddler playing next to me picked it up and drank it in about two swigs.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed reading your blog --we have 2 biological children (aged 3 & 2) and are preparing to add a 4 year old from China to our family. It's encouraging to read about other families who have adopted older children!
(I got your blog off of the agency website) :)

Anonymous said...

definately the dog crate trick made my day, especially the not finding it for weeks! i have 1 daughter and a daycare in my home and it never ceases to amaze me the random things i find in the most random places. best luck and wishes to you and your dad <3