Friday, January 8, 2010

My Dad, My Father, My Friend

Today's the day my dad has surgery - surgery, however serious and enormous, that could also save his life and give me years with my dad and my boys time to grow up with their Papa. It's an incredibly difficult surgery and beyond what my brain can comprehend complicated but needless to say we need to win this battle with cancer and today is a very big fight in that battle.
I know so many of us have been touched by cancer and hate the devastation it brings to so many families but today I just need to be presumptious enough to ask you to pray for my dad. Please. He needs it and his doctors need it. And if you have some spare prayers to throw in, pray for my sister and I, our step mom and my dad's large family that is all gripped in fear waiting for the doctors to do their job today.
I really love my dad.


Unknown said...

Thinking of you for sure! I am sure the doctors will do all they can...what sweet pictures of you and your dad...

birthmothertalks said...

Praying for his surgery that it gives him the cure that he needs and that everyone has the strength to get through this day and the days to come.