Thursday, May 20, 2010

Recent Favorites

I was mute for so long.  Unable to share the ups and the downs.  Our photos full of children I was not allowed to claim as my own.  It brings me great joy to share now. To share our journey from tiny ones that arrived one breezy spring day to growing, thriving, amazing toddlers that fill our home with joy.

 To challenge those who read at how big your heart can grow, to ask what you are being called to do.  To shout from the roof tops that I am blessed. 

My heart was broken, and oh how that space in my heart aches for she who once filled my arms, but oh I am blessed beyond  my wildest imaginations.  I was not sure I would ever again smile with my eyes.  And I do.  I am perfectly, wonderfully, amazingly blessed with daughters I did not know one year ago.


Sunnie said...

I just love hearing all about this!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Dawn said...

Your post today immediately brought this verse to my heart, "I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten.." Joel 2:25a.

Just so overjoyed for your family. :) And thankful that you chose to offer your heart in faith.

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures!!!