Monday, April 12, 2010

Just some REALLY BIG Toddlers

Eric celebrated his fourteenth birthday this weekend with friends and cake and generally making huge emotional strides forward as he understands why his birthdays are difficult for him.

In case you wondered, sometimes being adopted, feeling rejected,  and losing families sucks.  And sometimes it makes you feel like you don't deserve to celebrate your life, even when you really, really do deserve to celebrate your life and even though many people love you.  And sometimes saying those feelings out loud helps them to go away.

(the kid is cute but arent my cupboards PRETTTYYYY?)

My son is growing up. They all are.  And yet, given the opportunity, they are still just my little boys. Because what is it about teenage boys that prevents 3 minutes from passing in each other's presence before they are challenging each other to a beat down?

Noone was hurt in the production of these pictures.

Well, except for that birthday boy on the bottom.

And he survived.

Raising Teenage Boys really isnt that different than raising toddlers.

Happy Birthday my son.  You are a special kid and we love you so much.

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Judy said...

Happy Birthday to your son. And your cupboards are stunning!!