Wednesday, July 28, 2010


An amazing mom in her own right, J at Stellarparenting
gave me this award.

And my amazing friend Coco from Mommyhoodandlife recently gave me this award.

These are pretty much the rules for the awards, and I am a really lousy rule follower when it comes to things like this, so if I nominate you, please feel free to ignore the rules yourself, and just know that I really, really like your blogs and think some of my readers would enjoy them as well.

1) Post the award on your blog

2) Link to the person who sent it to you

3) Pass it on to some fellow bloggers who inspire you.
So, if you are interested in reading some blogs, adoption or otherwise, these are some of my favorites:

Both of the women who nominated me are a great place to start.  Stellarparenting is dealing with the realities of older child adoption on a daily basis.  It's tough, it's honest and it's completely anonymous which means she can share more than I can.  Go check her out.

Coco is my long time Internet Buddy.  She writes about life, parenting, addiction, adoption, and some incredible stories of a life well lived.  She will suck you into her world, and you will be better for it. 
Thanksgiving Mom also is so worth the read.  Her writing about her daughter, relinquished at birth, her complicated open adoption and her life is as beautiful and as heartfelt as she is.  I had the privilege of meeting her in person this spring during our trip to the Land Far Away and she is more gorgeous than you can imagine.   Now when I just went to her blog to nominate her for this award, I see she also nominated me again.  Honestly, it's just a giant mutual love fest.
WithlovefromSumy is a blog written by someone I am pretty sure doesn't know I exist, but the heartbreaking story of her beautiful son adopted from Russia whose mental health issues have resulted in her need to place him in a facility that can better help him will teach you so much.  You want to know what can happen when you adopt an older child?  Go read there.
Corey at Watchingthewaters is amazing.  Her honest, horrible, daily life with Reactive Attachment Disorder will open your eyes and break your heart.  She also has a fabulous network to support other moms parenting complicated kids.  Go read her. 
Jon and Patty from Xangelle are friends of mine from high school.  And their oldest daughter was diagnosed with cancer a month and a half ago just days before Patty delivered their fifth child.  For an inspiring story of faith, love, parenting, go read their blog. 
If you are considering a sibling group adoption both  Tudu and Cindy will scare the crap out of you, teach you, break your hearts and you will be a better adoptive parent for it. 
You want to be informed about some of the daily issues Native Americans face?  Go read here 
This is by no means a comprehensive list and already I am thinking of all those that I want to recommend and maybe, one day soon, I will suggest you read some more. 


Tudu said...

You crack me up! I scare the crap out of my readers. ROFLMAO! I needed that. Wait, I'm living this life, am I supposed to be scared? Crap, that is what I'm forgetting to do.

Thanks so much. I love your blog and your family. I feel like you are one of my most supportive friends (because you know I don't get out and have them IRL anymore). I'm always here if you need me to scare you. LOL

Foster Mom - R said...


I came across your blog reading your posts on Thank you for listing some of your favorites as reading all of these stories is really helping my family on our journey. Even inspired me to start blogging about it! Thanks! said...

you are an inspiration. thank you for your commitment.