Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear Teenager

We might have been over this before, but just to recap:

It is your turn to dry the dishes.  We both know you are perfectly capable of this simple task.

When I come into the kitchen and watch you place dripping dishes into the cupboard using the explanation "I couldn't find the drying cloth"  is not going to be acceptable.  TO ANYONE.

Getting angry AT ME when I require you to pull the wet dishes out of the assorted cupboards and actually DRY them because my expecations are "totally unreasonable" is not going to earn you bonus points.

Your future wife will one day thank me for being "so totally mean and RUINING your life".



PS  You have the art of a pout down to a science. I am sure there is a future in dramatic arts for you.


Cooking Up Faith said...

Good for you for not giving in! I think you're right - his wife will thank you later!! :)
Big Fat Mama

katiemae said...

LOL, love it..

Di said...

Bahahahawahahaha! Glad it is not just my house! Oagar Mother from Hell, yup that's me!

Anonymous said...

LOL oh I loved this and my Girls aren't even teens yet. (I might have to steal your idea and use it on my girls ;) )

I just found your blog Im a Birthmom an just want to say thank you for being the mom you are I read you post on Being open and why you are and Thank you for educating people out there

Huge hugs

HollyMarie said...

I guess I'm in trouble... Bereket already does this with me. LOL. She has the poutiest face ever! She told me the other day when she was angry with me "I don't have to! I'm bigger than you!" Ha!

Anonymous said...

I'm living with the same nonsense. Except that my two are not even teenagers yet! I'm using your future wife line from now on--but changing it to future husband.

-NJmom said...

tee hee, it is amusing to me that they think that we will not notice.
PS way to go on getting all those kids out to the Rhianna concert! looks like it was amazing

robyncalgary said...

good thing hes so darn cute, even when pouting ;)