Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Power Of Moms

We (the collective Moms) did it.   Lisa of the Masabo Culture Company should be given huge amounts of credit for all that she did.

We didn't know it until the very last minute, but in a miracle of events, it happened.

225 tickets donated to Harambee Kids so we could go to Rihanna.  FLOOR SEATS. 

It was a night they will never, ever forget.

So to Lisa at South Okanagan Events Center and Rihanna's "people" we are forever grateful.

You can read more about how this happened here.



Di said...

So very cool! Never under estimate the power of this woman and her posse!

Andy said...

WAY TO GO!!!! I can't believe you got tickets! What awesome memories for everyone!!

Cooking Up Faith said...

How fun!

Danae Hudson said...

THAT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Congratulations!!!

Goodvibes said...

(Long-time reader and admirer, first comment)
Congratulations, well done. There is no mountain you cannot move. Sending you and your kids good vibes.

Kate said...

That's awesome!! You rock!!!

robyncalgary said...

OH MY GOSH im so so so happy for you, been wondering how harambee went for all of you, im so unbelievably happy for all of you that you got to go to the concert too! amazing amazing stuff <3