Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Family Update

Shel, also known around here as "The Gimp" is hobbling around sans crutches, which is a good thing. His progress immediately after surgery was rapid, but much slower of late. Hopefully, things will continue. Doc says at least a year, maybe more of progress.

Greg appears to have made the Bantam Rep team. For those in the hockey know how, you will know this is a big deal as he is a first year Bantam player, and he is beating out many second year players in order to make the team. It's not really SURPRISING per se but it is nice for him. I met his teachers last night at the Parent Open House and afterwards Greg and I had a wee talk about "appropriate classroom behavior for 13 year old boys"; including but not limited to discussions of being quiet when your teacher is teaching, not laughing at your idiot friends in class time and actually completing assigned work. And then I made him sit beside me while I emailed each of his teachers our contact information. Isn't he lucky to have such involved and caring parents? He doesn't think so either.

Eric is enjoying 7th grade, and even MORE surprising, not minding having mom in class with him either (more on that later). Also, he is trying out for the PeeWee Rep team and hasn't been cut. If you can spare a prayer in that direction I would ever so grateful. I know how emotionally devastating it was on him when he was cut last year, I can't fathom what it would do to him this year to be cut. So ... we await the news. Tomorrow, possibly sometime next week we will know if he has made the team.

Tanner is LOVING french immersion. As in absolutely loving it. Loving his school. Loving his friends. Loving his teacher. Doesn't mind the work, seems to enjoy the language and has no complaints. Tanner was, as expected, cut from the PeeWee Rep team as a goalie, but he didn't care too much as he would rather play on the Development team or House anyways.

Caden tells everyone, and I mean everyone, that his mommy works at the school. He is a cuddle bug even still, but not a bit clingy. His teacher reports that he might chatter a bit in class but is very well behaved and never oppositional. He seems to love school, but would still prefer it if I stayed home with him all day every day and cuddled in our rocking chair. Oh well, he will adjust.

I am enjoying work. Actually, I am LOVING work. It's been 11 and a half years since I have been gainfully employed outside of the home and its been an interesting (and yes exhausting) transition, but also worth it. The class is large, active but well behaved. We are getting into a grove and the little one I work with mostly one on one is absolutely a sweet heart, and her family are gems as well.

All in all we are doing ok. The only member of the family currently in crisis is Annie. Poor abandoned Annie. She would love some sympathy, or company or summer to return as she sits with her nose plastered to the window all day until we return after school.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like everyone is settling in to new routines.

Poor Annie, maybe she needs another canine companion?!

Anonymous said...

Awww.... poor Annie. We're going away for 6 days and Emma's staying home. Uncle Bryan and Auntie Mindy are gonna 'babysit'. Maybe Emma and Annie can start a support group for spoiled dogs that feel abandoned when their people actually have lives outside the house and they're not included.

Unknown said...

Well we have THOUGHT about another dog ... but it doesn't seem like the smartest time to get one!

Annie really doesn't understand why we would EVER leave her home alone. Its so bad that Shel does bring her to work with him 3 times a week or so! She just sleeps under his desk and is absolutely happy. I am hoping that this will actually allow her to be a BIT calmer when we do go out. She has to get used to it eventually.