Monday, September 22, 2008

Parenting With a Support Team: How Novel

Friday was Mom and Son baking day in Caden's class. I was dealing with my own class, and trying to run back and forth to "participate".

Grandma to the rescue.

We have lived almost 12 years in a community without any extended family. I have never had "back up" for childcare. No grandma to run over when a child is sick. No aunts to take over when I have the flu. When it came to doctor's appointments, school functions, or emergencies all my boys have always been dragged along. A scheduling conflict between two events? One parent goes one way, another goes the other or someone misses out.

Trust me, taking 3 preschoolers to the doctor with your newborn? Is not as fun as it sounds.

And on Friday, on the first day of her first visit in almost 8 years my mom got to fill in with Caden and had a wonderful time.

And then she turned Eric back into "clean cut and respectable young man".

And he actually seemed to enjoy the process.

The weekend was crazy. 6 ice times, a hockey parents meeting, church, Sunday School, laundry, meals, and sleep. Add in there a birthday party for a friend that was way, way out of my league but resulted in a small amount of ego stroking as I was ID'ed at the door. A son on a terror of attitude and behavior for two straight days and Shel travelling with another child to a city over an hour away each way for hockey and did I mention being tired?


Lala's world said...

I have to say that I really missed that living in PG too, even when we were in Langley I was just far enough away to not get the help that I needed, living 5 min away is a whole new opportunity for the grandparents to get to know their grandaughters all over again!! and believe me I am calling them on that!

Lala's world said...

I just met a mom at the school today who is from Ft McMurray...we talked about 5 min about small towns and the sense of community that seems to be lacking down here, we are going to do coffee next week, it's funny how we were only in a "small" town for 2 years and I quickly relate to others from the same!

Anonymous said...

Oh I hear you Jen. I've never missed my mom more than since the kids. I'm glad for the moment your mom is there, participating, helping and enjoying your boys.