Thursday, September 18, 2008

You all can quit praying now!

Oh for goodness sakes! Who out there has a direct line to the Hockey Gods? And once you come forward and admit it, I will promptly tell you to STICK A SOCK IN IT!!

Greg is on the Bantaam Rep Team.

Eric is on the Pee Wee Rep Team.

Tanner got a call last night and has been asked to join the Pee Wee Development Team as their goalie. And will still have to play on his House Team.

Caden has tryouts this weekend.

4 boys, 5 full fledged hockey teams. From past Monday until this coming Sunday evening we have TWELVE ice times.

Twelve ice times that come around school hours. Twelve ice times that come around work hours. Twelve ice times that mean we are at the rink for AT LEAST two hours each time.

Twelve ice times. And you know what, hockey doesn't really even START for another month.

Oh and did I mention the tournaments? Starting this weekend the boys are travelling all over God's Green Earth (or Hell's frozen ponds, depending on your perspective) for hockey. Hockey that hasn't really started yet.

Oh and in further dramatic news my mother is "surprising" me with a visit (thank the Lord for my sister who knew I would want a bit of a warning - Thanks Jess. I love you DEARLY!!). She will be arriving within the next hour. If you know me IRL you are already on your knees. If you don't, suffice to say ... Shel is breaking out the whisky as we speak.


Lala's world said...

lmao! too funny!

Andy said...

12 ice times AND your mother. you are going to need more then prayers and whiskey! Think full tank of gas and getaway car!!!

Good luck.

Di said...

Let Grandma take some of those ice times and just stay home wiht Shel!
Well at least you can not say you have a dull life!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

Congrats to your boys (and I'm feeling sorry for all your ice time! - yikes).

'Hope the visit with your mom went well ... or is it an extended visit?

'Looking forward to your continuing blog.

Maria :-)