Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Wishes

Caden Remote Controlled Car A skate board

A finger skate board.
A Playmobile Set. A fish.

A cool Sweat Shirt. A PS2 (erased)

A MP3 Player. A remote controlled


Caden is 7 and I am realize he is on the brink of losing the childhood magic that is Christmas. With the loss of his last tooth (and the fact that the tooth fairy FORGOT to come, two nights in a row) he announced quite loudly that he just KNEW she was really me and could I please do a better job at pretending.

Yesterday he brought me this list and asked me to email it to Santa. The rule is (for the benefit of the older, much more cynical children in my life) that if you don't believe Santa does NOT come. Caden, however, still fully believes that Santa comes. He's also old enough now to understand, and fully believe, that Santa only brings gifts that are appropriate for your parents' tax bracket because parents have to pay the taxes on gifts and Santa would never want to create difficulties for parents. That, by the way, explains the crossed off PS2 on the list.

I have loved the magic of Christmas through the eyes of my children. An unexpected gift on Christmas Morning. The tradition of Advent readings. Christmas Eve services. And the magic that slowly disappears as puberty arrives.

My almost 14 year old's list? A cell phone (which he won't be getting) and a whole bunch of "it doesn't matter, whatevers and maybe some stuff". It just doesn't have the same ring to it as a whispered secret in Santa's ear.

Christmas Magic. If it is still at your house, treasure it. Enjoy it. Celebrate it. It will be gone in the blink of an eye.


Vanessa said...

Luckily I still have a 2 and 3 year old so the magic will be alive for a few more years, but I think my 11 year old has it about figured out!! I use to love seeing the excited look on his face and the sheer magic in his eyes as he neatly wrote Santa a letter! Each year he gets less and less excited!! Oh I wish I knew how to bring that spirit back!

Di said...

The tooth fairy OFTEN forgot in our house... problem was that when she did it the first time the anti went up from a toonie to a beanie baby... I created a monster. The girls were hoping she "would be too busy with all the other lost teeth in the world" just to see what might come.... Sadly she brought, Cassetes, underware (not the favorite..) and more beanies.. You are not alone... and Caden the tooth fairy is VERY busy!!!! But will get there soon! (o.k. Someday!)

Andy said...

Can I steal the tax idea? That is BRILLIANT!

Liam proclaimed that since Santa is magic and can do ANYTHING that of course he will bring Liam the 10,000 piece, $500 Lego Death Star.

Ummmm.... not likely!

Our saving grace was that the age bracket on the toy is listed for 16+ so we convinced him that Santa would not bring a toy that wasn't age appropriate.


Lala's world said...

totally feel the magic of it all slipping away sad!