Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crazy, Busy Times

An oldie, but a cutie

This week has been the usual mess of hockey practices, school, and work.

You add to that report cards, parent teacher interviews, church leadership team meetings, having to actually TEACH (no sub could be found) my entire class, lead a evening youth class, a quick trip to the West Coast for Tanner to go to goalie school and two hockey tournaments, and well things are a little bit busier than normal and my ability to blog slides somewhere behind my ability to do laundry.

I am heading out for the weekend to watch Greg in a hockey tournament and to visit with my most precious new baby nephew and am leaving my computer access behind.

In somewhat random news this week, I was formulating a post about how to get brothers to get along when we had a great day with the kids and I forgot all about it.

Greg spontaneously told me he loved me and gave me several snuggly hugs. Our 2 hug a day mandatory touching rule seems to be paying off and that makes me happy.

Caden attended his first hockey tournament and we've decided that he is going to have a short hockey career; As in to the end of the season when we call it a day and move the highly uninterested child onto another sport. He wants to go into luge. YES LUGE. Ah, No.

I survived my first full day as a highly unaccredited teacher teaching a class of 29, 12 and 13 year old kids because my teacher was sick and no sub could be found.

I paid a deposit for Tanner to go on a trip with his class to Quebec City in May of next year. That's the other side of the country people. I think I am maturing as a mother, if I actually let him go that is. And his new lights? Rocking SAD out of our house. Happy son, happy mama!

Shel is still employed, which is saying something in this economy and in his industry. His limp is going down, but the scar is still noteworthy and he can't wait to show it off when short-wearing weather returns.

Eric and I had a huge, blow out, no holds barred fight one night this week. And we both apologized and hugged and were ok. Progress people, progress. I do love that not-so-little-boy very, very much. I sometimes wish I was a better mother and sometimes wish he was easier to parent, but mostly I am very proud of him and how far we have come.

Tonight we met with Every Single One of Greg's High School teachers. He is doing very well and apparently has a good attitude at school. Room for improvement in some of his grades, but overall for a kid going from home schooling to a school with 950 kids? He is doing VERY well. I am VERY proud. He is an amazing kid.

Tomorrow I write report cards, for the first time ever.

Tonight I drink a glass of wine. Watch Grey's Anatomy and giggle endlessly at the addiction of Facebook as I see evidence of its pull in the lives of two men I care about. One my son, one a friend. Seriously is ANYONE not on facebook anymore?


Anonymous said...

You just reminded me, I need to order our wine for our road trip.

Not to drink on the road but for turkey day and to have some at home.

Hey after 10 hours in the car with 3 kids, wine doesn't sound so bad at all!

Congrats on all the progress with the kids!

The Luge thing made me giggle!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah Facebook - that was a serious time-management mistake on my part. Must. Check. Page. Still, it is a fun way to keep up with people. Are you on? Email me :)

BTW R would happily join in on Luge if we lived farther north. His preschool teacher's fiancee is an Olympic caliber US Luger and she was all about taking R up to Lake Placid to 'play' at the luge course. Um...hurtling down an icy track head first with basically nothing to protect you from death? eeeeeeeeee. Mommy gets MORE grey hair.


Anonymous said...

Jen, that is an absolutely gorgeous pic of your boys. They look so happy to be together :)