Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Frozen Moments

Tanner - Stopping a shot

Greg racing for a goal

Eric playing defense


Vanessa said...

Oh I need to come visit you one day because I SO want to see a real hockey game!! We had the Jazz in New Orleans for only a year and I never made a game:(

Unknown said...

Vanessa - you have my full permission to come visit (you might want to give me a warning so I can get some sheets changed, and scrape up the laundry) and I DEFINITELY guarantee you that you will see some (ok lots) of hockey!

Greg is going to a tournament in Vegas in the spring I think too ..

Anonymous said...

So when the boys all get drafted by the Flyers as NHL stars, I get tickets, and you'll come stay with me to watch their games, right? :)


Unknown said...

Regina - lol - AS IF I AM LETTING THEM GET DRAFTED THERE!!!! Sorry, these boys are staying close to home :) I've already informed them. That will work right??