Monday, August 24, 2009

15 Months of Munchkin

After one too many dumped cereal boxes, and frustrated shouts of "NO! PUT THAT DOWN!" coming from my sons, I came home from the grocery store today with a box of cupboard locks.

"CHILDPROOF YOUR HOME" stated the optimistic packaging.

Miss Curious assisted Dad in putting them up, as only a 15 month old can. Lots of chewing on the screw drivers and dumping over the container. Some sweating and grumbling (from Shel) and whining and interference (Miss Curious) the locks were installed.

Miss Curious calmly walked over to the cupboard, examined the lock and took two seconds to undo it.

We've have decided to teach her how to let the dogs in the house to eat her spilled cereal.


We have been using "Mama" and "Papa" as our names with the girls in order to keep "Mommy" and "Daddy" for their parents. Miss Curious would like you to know she finds this ridiculous. Her boys (or "beeeze" as she says) call him DAD and she will too, correcting us each and every time. "Come see Papa" we will say. "DAD!" she corrects.

"Dad!Dad!Dad!" chanted along the highway with a huge grin as we raced home to see him after 5 days away.

Furious, sobbing tears when she finally did see him. Anger. Rage. Grief. Love.

The emotions of a little girl with too much loss and too much confusion. Papa-Dad was missed. Papa-Dad was not with us. I hate you because it hurts to miss you. I love you because I need you. Try to hold me so I can push you away, but keep trying because I really want you to hold me tight.



She is into everything. Nothing is so secure that she can't climb it, dump it, taste it, throw it or break it.

We spend all day every day undoing, checking, removing, redirecting, changing, wiping, cleaning and redoing. She is frustrating and enfuriating, endearing and sweet. She is perfectly, totally, wonderfully toddler.

At the end of each long day she grabs her blanket and her bottle and climbs onto my lap. She snuggles her face into the crook of my arm and pats my face.

I have the honor, the privilege, the responsibility of being this angel's mama for now. How did I get so lucky?



Anonymous said...

You make me cry.

Alyssa said...

Because YOU are wonderful and these children are lucky to have YOU! =)

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Angel is as angel does.

Which is a nonsensical way of saying that you are also an angel.